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ASO at the Cincinnati Zoo, March 2011

Garganey and Blue-winged Teal
at Fernald Bio-Wetland 07 May 2011


Native Plants provide food for birds and other local wildlife.
Learn more by attending ASO meetings and field trips.

Tim Tolford banding a Northern Saw-whet Owl
at Fernald 04 November 2011

Park Naturalist Jerry Lippert explains fall leaf coloration
at Sharon Woods 15 October 2011


Paul Krusling leads a turtle identification field trip at
Shawnee Lookout 11 April 2011

Audubon Christmas Bird Count, 2011

Audubon Christmas Bird Count, 2011

Audubon Christmas "Bird" Count, 2011


The Audubon Society of Ohio (ASO) was established in 1897 in the Greater Cincinnati area. ASO was the first Audubon Society organized in Ohio, and is currently a local chapter of the National Audubon Society.


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Selected Upcoming Events

17 February 2014

Bird Photography

Doug Day will present "Bird Photography; Embrace the Challenge" at Cincinnati Audubon at Wonton Center at 7:30 PM on Monday, February 17th. Doug would like you to bring some of your bird photos, preferably digital or enlarged pictures for discussion.  Don't be afraid to ask questions at any time during Doug's presentation.  Doug has had a love of nature since childhood and started his photography at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course photographing where he became quite proficient and supplying photos for National Speed Sports News.  He combined his love of nature with his photographic skills and started on birds and butter flies.  He won Wild Bird magazine photo contest in 2009.  He has had photos published in Ohio Cardinal and has a published card by National Wildlife Federation.  Winton Center is in Winton Woods Hamilton County Park.  If traveling north on Winton Road, cross the bridge over Winton Lake and take a left (west) onto Valleyview Dr.  Take the first left into Winton Center with plenty of free parking.  Please join us at 7:00 for 30 minutes of socializing with light refreshments before the program.

Allan Beach, Program Committee, Cincinnati Audubon, Volunteer Educator, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens


 22 February 2014

Nocturnal Birds Field Trip

Where: Fernald Preserve and Miami Whitewater Park

When: Saturday Evening, February 22, 2014, 5:00 P.M.

Meet: At Fernald Preserve in the parking area for Lodge Pond. This is the first pull off on the right down the long entrance drive.
Leader: Jeff Hays, (513) 821-9822,
Raptor (birds of prey) expert Jeff Hays will lead us on this out of the ordinary field trip with the primary goal of finding displaying woodcock and owls. This trip will begin at 5:00 in the afternoon and last until a couple of hours after dark, about 8:30 p.m. Sunset will be at 6:22 P.M. on this date and complete darkness won’t set in until 6:50 P.M. The moon will be in its last quarter.
Jeff will begin the trip at Fernald Preserve before sunset in hopes of finding Short-eared Owls. These uncommon owls are crepuscular and are often seen just before and after sunset coursing over the grasslands in which they hunt. While they are not guaranteed, Fernald Preserve and the Miami Whitewater wetlands are a couple of the best locations where they can be found with any regularity. While we wait for nightfall, we will most certainly see a number of other species including a few species of hawks (Northern Harrier almost certainly and Rough-legged Hawk probable) and a diversity of waterfowl.
Near dusk Jeff will focus on locating American Woodcock, which regularly display at Fernald throughout the early spring. Woodcock usually begin to arrive in good numbers during late February, but the unusually hard winter we are experiencing may slow them down.  Once darkness has fallen Jeff will lead us over to nearby Miami Whitewater Forest. Jeff’s plan is to try to find owls at several spots around the park and other nearby areas. With the aid of vocal imitations and/or recordings Jeff hopes to attract the three common species of owls that reside within the park, Great Horned, Barred and Eastern Screech-Owls. If you have never stood in the dark trying to hoot up the local owls you are in for a treat.
To get to Fernald Preserve from I-275 take I-275 Exit # 7 at SR 128 marked Cleves-Hamilton. This is the first exit just west of the Great Miami River at Miamitown. Go north on SR 128 through Miamitown for 7 miles to Willey Road. Turn left on Willey Road and go ¼ mile to the Fernald Preserve entrance road. Follow the entrance road to the first parking area on the right (Lodge Pond)
This trip will entail driving from one spot to another, interspersed with short easy walking. Restrooms are available. Binoculars are recommended. Dress for winter. A HCPD motor vehicle permit is required ($3 daily, $10 annual) at Miami Whitewater Forest. Call Jeff for further information


17 March 2014

The World of Bats

"The World of Bats" by Kristen Lear will be the Audubon program at 7:30 PM at Winton Center on Monday Mar 17th.  Kristen is a bat biologist BA graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University who spent 15 months in Australia doing field research studying the critically endangered Southern Bentwing Bat on a Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship.  This involved conducting roost surveys with thermal imaging cameras, mist netting bats as well as radio tracking them in their breeding cave and searching for their winter hibernating caves.  She also spent two summers in the Texas pecan groove country assessing the type and use of bat boxes where bat feeding of insect pests for the farmers of organic pecans is very important.  Kristen plans to begin a PhD program this fall to pursue her interest in bat ecology and conservation.  Kristen is currently a volunteer Educator at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  Winton Center is in Winton Woods Hamilton County Park.  When driving north on Winton Road cross Winton Lake and turn left at the first stop light onto Valleyview Dr.  Take the first left into Winton Center where there is lots of free parking.  You are invited to come at 7:00 for 30 minutes of socializing with light refreshments.

Allan Beach, Program Committee, Cincinnati Audubon, Volunteer Educator, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens


Upcoming Programs

21 April 2014: Steve Maslowski will present his new book "Wings on the Water" The Great Gallery of Ducks, Geese and Loons.  The book has a chapter on each of the North American ducks, geese and loons with virtually all the photography by our own Steve Maslowski.  In addition various authors do the chapter description of each species with Steve contributing about five of the chapter writeups.  The book was sponsored by the editors of "Wildfowl Carving Magazine".  As usual Steve's photography is stunning with many action shots showing birds in flight or taking off which is very appealing to the waterfowl carvers.  "Wings on the Water" was published by Stackpole Books in 2012.  Steve will be our speaker for the April 21st Cincinnati Audubon Chapter meeting at Winton Center and will have photographs of some of the birds in the book and tell us about contributing to such a book.  Steve had to travel extensively around North America to photograph all the species in the wild particularly catching all the birds in breeding plumage.  Steve has been a wildlife photographer since he was in his early teens following in the footsteps of his famous father, naturalist, photographer and writer. Karl Maslowski, for his weekly column in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  He gained his degree in English at Brown University.  His wildlife photography includes thousands of still photo credits in virtually all the birding and conservation magazines.  His videos have been seen on TV shows such as Wild America, Birdwatch and National Geographic Explorer.  He has also done dozens of science videos for Discovery Education.  He will bring some copies of his book to our meeting and will be glad to autograph them.  Don't miss our April meeting. 

Allan Beach, Program Committee, Cincinnati Audubon, Volunteer Educator, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens


The ASO Mission

ASO is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the natural world. Through education and conservation activities in our community, we raise awareness and promote solutions to global environmental problems. The Audubon Society of Ohio was formed to be an environmental leader and educator for those living within the Greater Cincinnati area. We present monthly programs on various topics that are free and educational. These programs are usually held at the Winton Woods visitor center. Some topics have included birding trends in Ohio, including how populations are monitored and studied; travels of birders and photographers to some of the most beautiful areas in the world; and guest speakers from other local, regional and national organizations.

ASO provides educational monthly field trips designed to give hands-on experiences in the natural world. In addition to field trips to birding hot spots, our field trips also focus on the rest of the natural world, including trees, wildflowers, butterflies, insects, salamanders and other amphibians and reptiles, and much more. We concentrate on exploring local habitats; to minimize driving, most of our field trips are held in the Greater Cincinnati area. We also host special events, such as our annual Birding Class, a hands-on birding ID series taught by experts to people of all ages in the classroom and the field. The Audubon Society of Ohio actively conserves some key properties in the Hamilton County and Adams County areas. These properties provide beneficial habitat for native flora and fauna. We are also involved in many conservation projects, working cooperatively with other like-minded groups in the area.

How Can You Help Support ASO?

Your local chapter is self supporting and depends on dues and contributions from local members. Dues for a “Friend” membership are only $15.00 per year, and since we are an all volunteer organization, your dues fully support our mission. Those dues help cover the basic benefits that we provide to Friends and to the public. WIth your support we can continue to provide free educational activities such as informative monthly programs with guest speakers, our monthly “Night at the Movies” , and field trips to various habitats to look for interesting flora and fauna found in Ohio. Your support helps to cover admin costs to produce the “Chat” newsletter. Most important, your dues give the ability to expand our projects and outreach in conservation and education. We hope you will join us!

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