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ASO at the Cincinnati Zoo, March 2011

Garganey and Blue-winged Teal
at Fernald Bio-Wetland 07 May 2011


Native Plants provide food for birds and other local wildlife.
Learn more by attending ASO meetings and field trips.

Tim Tolford banding a Northern Saw-whet Owl
at Fernald 04 November 2011

Park Naturalist Jerry Lippert explains fall leaf coloration
at Sharon Woods 15 October 2011


Paul Krusling leads a turtle identification field trip at
Shawnee Lookout 11 April 2011

Audubon Christmas Bird Count, 2011

Audubon Christmas Bird Count, 2011

Audubon Christmas "Bird" Count, 2011


The Audubon Society of Ohio (ASO) was established in 1897 in the Greater Cincinnati area. ASO was the first Audubon Society organized in Ohio, and is currently a local chapter of the National Audubon Society.


Check the calendar for details on these coming events:

February 21, a field trip to look for waterfowl in the lower Great Miami River valley. The trip has been cancelled due to the weather

February 28, an evening field trip to look for owls and woodcock.

**If event description is truncated select "Agenda" at top right of calendar


The ASO Mission

ASO is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the natural world. Through education and conservation activities in our community, we raise awareness and promote solutions to global environmental problems. The Audubon Society of Ohio was formed to be an environmental leader and educator for those living within the Greater Cincinnati area. We present monthly programs on various topics that are free and educational. These programs are usually held at the Winton Woods visitor center. Some topics have included birding trends in Ohio, including how populations are monitored and studied; travels of birders and photographers to some of the most beautiful areas in the world; and guest speakers from other local, regional and national organizations.

ASO provides educational monthly field trips designed to give hands-on experiences in the natural world. In addition to field trips to birding hot spots, our field trips also focus on the rest of the natural world, including trees, wildflowers, butterflies, insects, salamanders and other amphibians and reptiles, and much more. We concentrate on exploring local habitats; to minimize driving, most of our field trips are held in the Greater Cincinnati area. We also host special events, such as our annual Birding Class, a hands-on birding ID series taught by experts to people of all ages in the classroom and the field. The Audubon Society of Ohio actively conserves some key properties in the Hamilton County and Adams County areas. These properties provide beneficial habitat for native flora and fauna. We are also involved in many conservation projects, working cooperatively with other like-minded groups in the area.

ASO is a non-profit organization, qualified as a 501(c)(3) corporation. We are governed by a constitution and bylaws, a copy of which is available here.

How Can You Help Support ASO?

Your local chapter is self supporting and depends on dues and contributions from local members. Dues for a “Friend” membership are only $15.00 per year, and since we are an all volunteer organization, your dues fully support our mission. Those dues help cover the basic benefits that we provide to Friends and to the public. WIth your support we can continue to provide free educational activities such as informative monthly programs with guest speakers, our monthly “Night at the Movies” , and field trips to various habitats to look for interesting flora and fauna found in Ohio. Your support helps to cover admin costs to produce the “Chat” newsletter. Most important, your dues give the ability to expand our projects and outreach in conservation and education. We hope you will join us!

Audubon Society of Ohio - ASO
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Photos courtesy Rick Lisi & John Stewart.