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This is the place for general discussions about everything related to the natural world. If you want to report your own sightings, the Sightings Log is the place for you!

What kind of bird was it? - T Hooks

What kind of bird was it? - T Hooks

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birders alert - Lee Gruber

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For two years, I’ve been looking for the replacement nest for the adult Bald Eagles who gave-up on the site near Stubbs Mill Rd. along the Little Miami after having 2 nests blown down, the last with young in it. I’ve located a nest near the bike path 1/4 mil from Kings Mill Rd. Dose anyone know about that nest and how long it’s been there? - john hill

What? - john hill

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I have an oddly colored junco at my bird feeder. It has white (a little dirty) cheek patches, reminiscent of a chickadee, but a dark spot (not symmetrical) around the eye. It is not any of the “standard” races I can find anywhere. I have seen a lot of strange variation (often whites) on house sparrows, but do not know if this kind of color variation is well-known for other species. Can anyone provide any insight? - Virgil Brack

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