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Dead birds in Mariemont, 45227

Over the last week, I have noticed 8 dead birds in the streets of Mariemont. Sparrows, a cardinal, a grey/brown bird with an orange collar. It is as if they just decided to drop out of the sky and trees and just lay down in the streets. I’ve asked a few neighbors if they’d noticed this; they had not. I’m unconvinced that it’s anything out of the ordinary, nevertheless, I don’t recall seeing so many dead birds laying around, ever.

What should I do to gather more helpful information for an organization who might be able to investigate this? And what organization would be helpful in this matter? Specifically, I fear a poisoned food chain problem such as the dead birds ate the early cicadas (Brood X) which were eating/around trees that had been fertilized or treated with chemicals. Or something similar.

Thank you.

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