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eBird locations

Some of the more popular local birding locations have collected a cloud of redundant personal locations in eBird, and it would be best if these locations were merged with the public hotspots. Fernald and Lost bridge for example, have at least 20 or 30 different markers all named “Fernald Preserve” or “Lost Bridge” around the public hotspots. In the next few weeks, I will be sending email requests to users through eBird for these locations to be merged with instructions.
If you’d like to try and get a head start, you can check if your locations are personal or public by looking at “my locations” in “my ebird” or by looking at the maps for a common species like Northern Cardinal or Canada Goose and look for your name. If you find you have a personal marker that’s already represented by a hotspot, here are step by step instructions to merge:

Many of these were made before the hotspot existed, but some are obviously newer. If you are birding in an area with a publicly available hotspot, please use it as long as it accurately represents where you birded.

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