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Flight Cage Repair

St. Melangell’s Small Mammal Sanctuary  wants to help Tracy Brewer at Ride the Wind Wild Bird Rehab center who is in desperate need of some help to repair a damaged flight cage roof. Tracy has devoted the last 20 years to rescuing 100’s of native Ohio wild birds from all over the state and returning them to the wild. A large portion of this has been out of her own pocket. Rehabbers receive no state or federal funding and most are not 501c3 because that cost itself is rather high. Her center rarely closes and takes birds, orphaned and injured year round. There is rarely a time where she is not selflessly helping people to help the birds they have found in distress. Birds are her passion.
Birds require a very expensive specialized diet. She also specializes in baby hummingbirds which are incredibly expensive and hard to raise.  Birds require a federal permit as well as a state permit.

Tracy is specifically in need of  150 feet of 19 gauge ½ inch wire hardware cloth in 50 foot rolls at 48 inches wide. That’s 3 fifty foot rolls. She is also in need of 150 feet of 1×2 inch welded wire also 48 inches wide rolls  . These can not be vinyl coated.  This is not all she needs. But  the wire is the most expensive part. Bird cages have to be lined 3 times. Wire to keep predators out. Wire to keep birds in till release and window screen to protect their delicate feathers. Including wire.. the repairs alone will cost about $700.

St. Melangell’s Small Mammal Sanctuary is 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.  100% of of donations to St. Mel’s goes directly back into food, cages, species specific foods, medications… In short it goes DIRECTLY to the care of the animals.  ( So please include your address if you would like a tax reciept)

If 70 people give just $10 we could get this fixed in no time and have it up and running again in time for the last frost.. Baby Bird season. You can see some of the birds she has raised or cared for at her facebook page

For more about St Melalgell’s Small Mammal Sanctuary you can visit

Thank YOU !
Stephanie Carlson  & Tracy Brewer

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$75 of $700 goal

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