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Looking for Bird Watchers

Hello everyone!
I’m looking for 5 bird watchers who are willing to travel to Northern Kentucky for two days to help me with a school project that I’m doing through Miami University. My project is looking at the effects that roads have on bird populations. Birders will need to note what species they see or hear along roads and note any behavior and mortalities (if any).
I will be looking at two roads, Industrial Road and Uhl Road. Both of these roads are located in Cold Springs, Kentucky, which is in northern Campbell County,not far from Northern Kentucky University.
 I would like to start collecting data during the first week of October (1st- 11th), but am also open to collecting data after those dates, if it works better for people’s schedules. A scheduled date is not set in place and will be once I have enough birders to help out.
I would like to collect data in the early morning, around 7:30 AM preferably. Birders would need to bring their own binoculars.
This project will not be published publicly and will only be submitted to Miami University. I will give credit to any birders in the paper.
Since this will be purely volunteer work, I want to thank anyone who is considering or willing to help out. I know your time is precious and it means a lot to me that you’re willing to give up your time to help.
If you have any questions or are interested in helping out, please contact me at or you can reach me on my cellphone at 859-816-2811

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