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Howdy Barbara and Joshua……
I have always had lots of Common Milkweed on my property……but for some reason it did not do very well this year….and plants were thinly scattered around my place with a great distance between plants.
I noticed that the few plants that are here are being eaten to the ground….with nothing left.
So I have been collecting the Monarch caterpillars otherwise most of them would starve because the Milkweed is just not here this year. The distance they would have to travel to get to another plant puts their odds  Low to No.
At least this way they get a chance…….with much better odds.
I have 54 right now in all different instars…plus a couple of eggs. So I am doing the ” traveling ” for them….scouting around searching for Milkweed for their dinner. I have to do this every day or two…because it needs to be cut fresh and immediately put in water…….and it does not last long….plus the bigger guys can really go thru it.
Thank goodness most of them ( currently 39 ) have left the Buffet and are now hanging in my aquariums as chrysalis which is great since Common Milkweed is slim pickins’ for me to find right now.
The first Butterfly  ” arrived ” this morning…and two more are due tomorrow…after that I don’t know because I quit keeping track of dates.
The transformations are amazing and beautiful to see….
I highly recommend the show….if you ever have the chance to see one……it’s a 10 STAR rating.
This is the generation that is migrating to Mexico……’s hoping TONS of them make it.
My hat is off to both of you…..  🙂
Take care…


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