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Mysterious bird ID help needed-have audio recording only.


My brother-in-law has sent me a recording (to my i-phone) of a bird (I think) that he and I need help identifying.  I’m stumped.  He lives in the Richmond VA area and has a river about 150 yards behind him with grassy, marshy habitat between, as well as, an undeveloped lot next to him with mature trees.  (The last time I helped them ID a bird, it was and American Bittern; that’s the kind of habitat we’re talking about.)  The sound was recorded from the back deck around 9:30 pm and believed to come from a pine tree about 80 meters away. The best way I can describe it is as an ascending shrill with a quick cut-off at the end.  I have listened to everything from rails, herons, nightjars, owls, and beyond.  Nothing sounds right.  If anyone would like to help me solve this mystery, I can text or e-mail the recording.  Right now, I’m thinking Sasquatch.


Amber Latham


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