Audubon Society of Ohio
The Cincinnati Chapter of National Audubon Society

Location: Fernald

Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reporter: Dave Ackerman

Other Observers:

Cloudy day yesterday, much like today but saw some nice birds at Fernald in the early afternoon.

Harrier, Red Tailed Hawk, Red shouldered Hawk, Meadowlark, Song Sparrow, White Throated Sparrow.  Ring-necked ducks, Gadwall, Mallard, Pie-billed Grebe, Widgeon, Coot, Canada Goose.  Had two bald eagles at the river by lost bridge as well as golden crowned kinglet, Junco, goldfinch, wt. throated sparrow, titmouse, downy wp, white breasted nuthatch down by the boat ramp.  Oxbow had dozens of Great Egrets, great blue herons, cormorants as well as ring necked ducks,  some green winged teal and a hand full of Gadwall.  Also two more pie-billed grebes.


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