Audubon Society of Ohio
The Cincinnati Chapter of National Audubon Society

Location: Gilmore ponds

Date: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reporter: Gary Becker

Other Observers: Several

half dozen whistling ducks on the large pond…I had certainly never seen one before but several  others more knowledgeable than I first saw them and confirmed the  ID…quite a few folks photographing…they were on the far bank of the first large opening in the trees, just after you turn right off the floating walkway ( if you park off Gilmore) for quite a while then flew off to the flooded field on the other side of the railroad tracks.   Also a pair of green herons, several indigo bunting, a pair of bluebirds, several Orioles,  and a pair of Hawks ( Red tails I think) sitting on the power line poles.

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