Audubon Society of Ohio
The Cincinnati Chapter of National Audubon Society

Location: Western Hamilton County

Date: Saturday, December 23, 2017

Reporter: Eric Burkholder

Other Observers: Joe Bens

There was a large movement of Snow Geese,with some Ross’s Geese,  in our area on Friday and Saturday.  During the Western Hamilton County Christmas Bird Count we had 6 flyover at Fernald in the late morning.  Then at about noon  Joe Bens and I had a flock of 325 flyover Miami Whitewater Wetlands. I was able to take  multiple photos of the flock in the air. We first heard the flock coming from the Northwest flying over the field next to the wetlands. The field now planted with oversized houses. We hoped they would land in the wetlands, which is full of water but no luck. In the next twenty minutes they flew over us 2 more times each time heading back to the Northwest.

After the count was over, I stopped at Lost Bridge. There were 200 Snow Geese , 34 Ross’s Geese and  4 Greater White-fronted reported there on Friday.  There was still about 80 Snow Geese at Lost Bridge around 4:00 on Saturday. It was hard to get an accurate count because the geese were in the back pond  and partially hidden by the levee that runs between the two Ponds. Also on Friday at Armleder, 1 Snow Goose and 1 Ross’s Goose were found.

During the Great Parks Winter Bird Count on December 9, 2017 , Snow Geese were reported at Miami Whitewater but the exact number never got put into the count results

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