The Audubon Society of Ohio, the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Audubon Society.

Our mission is to promote the conservation and appreciation of nature for environmental sustainability with a focus on birds, through habitat protection and education.

The Audubon Society of Ohio (ASO) was established in 1897 in the Greater Cincinnati area, and was incorporated in 1900. ASO was the first Audubon Society organized in Ohio, and is currently a local chapter of the National Audubon Society.

ASO is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the natural world. Through education and conservation activities in our community, we raise awareness and promote solutions to global environmental problems. The Audubon Society of Ohio was formed to be an environmental leader and educator for those living within the Greater Cincinnati area. We do this by hosting monthly field trips, programs, special events and taking an active role in conservation.

  • Monthly programs: We present monthly programs on various topics that are free and educational, hosing nine monthly evening programs per year (skipping July, August, and December), devoted to topics relating to natural history and trends in Ohio; how populations are monitored and studied; travels of birders local and abroad; guest speakers from other organizations and topics of conservation. These programs are usually held at the Sharon Woods visitor center. We also host special events, such as our annual Birding Class, a hands-on birding ID series taught by experts to people of all ages in the classroom and the field.
  • Monthly Field Trips: We hold monthly field trips designed to give hands-on experiences in the natural world. In addition to field trips to birding hot spots, our field trips also focus on the rest of the natural world, including trees, wildflowers, butterflies, insects, salamanders, other amphibians, reptiles, and much more. We concentrate on exploring local habitats; most field trips are held in the Greater Cincinnati area to minimize driving.
  • Conservation: The Audubon Society of Ohio actively conserves some key properties in the Hamilton County and Adams County areas. These properties provide beneficial habitat for native flora and fauna. We are also involved in many conservation projects, working cooperatively with other like-minded groups in the area.

ASO is a non-profit organization, qualified as a 501(c)(3) corporation. We are governed by a constitution and bylaws, a copy of which is available onlineWe invite you to join our organization, to help us promote the conservation of our natural heritage. Join Here.