Annual Bird Class

Hone your birding and identification skills by registering for the 32nd annual Audubon Birding Course. Our local Cincinnati Audubon Society Chapter (ASO) has been sponsoring this class since 1987. The three-week course will be held on three consecutive Sunday mornings. This year’s dates are; September 30th, October 7th, October 14th. Father-son team Jay Stenger and Jack Stenger will again be this year’s instructors. Both Jay and Jack are well known and exceptionally knowledgeable birders. Jay has been an instructor for this course since its inception in 1987. The course is held at the Audubon House which is located in Groesbeck at 3398 W. Galbraith Road, just a couple of minutes from the Cross County Highway.

Each class will begin at 8 AM with a casual class-room session that includes a continental breakfast and refreshments. The morning classroom sessions will be followed by a field trip to a local hot spot, usually wrapping up about 1 PM. The field trip locations will be determined by current birding conditions and the interests of the participants.

Through discussions, visual and audio presentations and field observations, the course will particularly focus on sharpening identification skills. But the course will offer much more than that. When, where and how to find birds in our area is also prioritized. Other course topics will include migration, bird abundance and distribution, habitat, conservation, local hotspots, and birding equipment and resources. The setting is informal and questions are encouraged. Jay and Jack also infuse a lot of fun, levity and enthusiasm throughout.

This course is geared towards all birding levels. While mid-level birders will likely gain the most from this course, most birders, beginners and experienced alike, will find that this course will help hone their ID skills and add to their knowledge of local birds. Over 500 area birders have taken this course over the years and have found it entertaining and informative. The course is open to everyone, including older kids if accompanied by an adult. Binoculars are required and a field guide will be useful to refer to in class and in the field. If you do not have a pair of binoculars the ASO can lend you a pair during the course.

Advance registration is required. Course fees are $15 for ASO members and $30 for non-members which include a year’s membership in ASO. The course will be limited to a maximum of 25 participants. To register, please make your check payable to ASO and mail to:

ASO Bird Course
3398 W. Galbraith Road,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

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