April Audubon Program

We are honored to have as our guest speaker for our April meeting Dr. Meg Riestenberg. Dr. Riestenberg has taught biology and geology in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology at Mount St. Joseph University for 30 years. Many of you will already know Meg as a friend and active and ardent conservation advocate who has been involved with many of our local natural history and environmental organizations over the years. She and her students enjoy many field trips, including fossil hunting and studying local flora. Meg has a special interest in relating plants with their physical/biological environment. She spends a lot of time in Adams County investigating geobotany in that area.

Meg will present her program entitled “Effects of Geology on Plant Distribution” at our April meeting. Meg says plant communities and species distribution are strongly affected by the geology of a region. One of the most dramatic displays of these relationships can be seen in Adams County, Ohio, three counties east of Hamilton County. Meg, a geologist and plant biologist, will present an illustrated talk that will demonstrate the uniqueness of Adams County and its plant communities. Links to maps of the Edge of Appalachia Preserve will be provided so Audubon members can trek out to see for themselves the spectacular display in our rugged county to the east.

Meg is a wonderful speaker and naturalist and this program should prove to be informative, interesting and entertaining. We hope to see you there.


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