April Bird Club Meeting

Please join us on Thursday evening, April 18, at 7:00 p.m. for a presentation by local raptor expert Cheryl Dykstra. Cheryl’s talk is titled “Secret Lives of Cincinnati Red-shouldered Hawks.” Cheryl sent us the following information about her talk in order to pique your curiosity.

“You’ve probably seen urban or suburban red-shouldered hawks in Cincinnati, and you may know that a team of researchers has been studying them for more than 20 years. But did you know nest cameras were used to learn little-known details of their behavior? Just what the team found out may surprise you. For example, red-shoulders line their nests with branches from very specific tree species, and these selected species may serve as natural pesticides to help protect the young. Also, fluffy hawk nestlings only a couple weeks old sometimes aggressively bully their younger siblings so much that the youngest starve to death. And some of our “resident” red-shouldered hawks have made their way as far away as Georgia. These hawks manage to adapt to our altered landscapes, and coexist with us and our automobiles, disturbances, and pets, all while leading fascinating secret lives of their own.”

This is an excellent opportunity to learn not only more about Red-shouldered Hawks, but some of the ground-breaking local research that is adding to what is currently known about this interesting species.

Meet at Sharon Centre, in Sharon Woods, located at 11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville Ohio. Take I-275 to the Sharonville exit and go south about 3/4 mile to the entrance of Sharon Woods, then follow the signs to the visitor center.

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