CANCELLED April Oxbow Field Trip

By the first week of April spring is usually well under way and the past winters weather all but forgotten. Usually. On this date, mid-spring migration is just getting started but many species will be arriving daily and a diversity of avian species should be found in the Oxbow area. In addition, many woodland and wetland plants and wildflowers will be in bloom. Our trip leader, Jack Stenger, is a lifelong Oxbow advocate and current board member. He is also a highly skilled and expert birder and naturalist, so we will certainly see and identify a wide diversity of birds and plants on this visit.

April in the Oxbow coincides with the spring migration of a diverse number of families of birds. Ducks, herons and egrets, Sandhill Cranes, shorebirds, terns & gulls, and many species of raptors, including Bald Eagles, are all expected on this date. In fact, last year’s April (2019) field trip yielded 24 Bald Eagle sightings. While it will be a bit early for the main push of songbirds that peak later in April and early May, many early migrant species of songbirds will be on the move with many winter songbirds still be around. So you can see that we expect a good day afield.

Jack’s plan for the day will depend on the weather. Early April is still flood season and some areas can become inaccessible if flood conditions are present. On the other hand, flooding in the Oxbow attracts many birds. Regardless of flood conditions, Jack will visit several spots in and around the Oxbow. You can expect a little driving from spot to spot interspersed with some walking in between stops.

Dress for late winter and expect some mud on your shoes. This morning trip will end around noon. Contact Jack if you have any questions. Come see nature’s great diversity on a beautiful spring day in the Oxbow area.

To reach the Oxbow, take I-275 to the Lawrenceburg, Indiana exit. Turn left onto U.S. 50 at the end of the exit ramp, and proceed about a hundred yards. Turn left onto an unmarked road just past the Circle K gas station. Turn right at the “T” intersection, then left to the meeting spot at the next “T”.

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