April Oxbow Field Trip

By the middle of April spring will be in full swing and this winters weather forgotten. Spring migration in general will be near peak and a diversity of avian species should be found in the Oxbow area at this season. In addition many woodland and wetland plants and wildflowers will be in bloom adding their beauty to the natural scene. The focus of this trip will be both, migrant birds and spring wildflowers, and our trip leader, Joe Bens, is an ideal leader for this trip. Joe is one of Oxbow Inc’s original members and, as many folks know, is an expert birder. But Joe also loves botany and is very strong in that field. Joe’s intentions are to find a great diversity of birds as well as to look for blooming wildflowers which should also be near peak.

And there should be a lot to see (and hear). April in the Oxbow coincides with the spring migration of a diverse number of families of birds. Ducks, herons and egrets, shorebirds, terns & gulls, raptors, migrant & returning summer songbirds (including many warblers) are all expected on this date. Joe’s plan will depend on the weather, but he expects to cover a few spots in the Oxbow and then to stop at Lost Bridge as we work our way over to Shawnee Lookout where the field trip will end sometime around noon.

So come out with Joe and see natures great diversity on what should be a beautiful spring day in the Oxbow area. April can be cool and wet so dress appropriately. You can always expect some mud on your shoes when visiting the Oxbow. A Great Parks (Hamilton County Park District) Motor Vehicle Pass ($10 annual, $3 daily) is required at Shawnee Lookout. Don’t hesitate to contact Joe if you have any questions regarding this trip.


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