Autumn’s Asters

This year, on the weekend of September 14-16, 2018, we will return to Shawnee to study “Autumn’s Asters”. This three-day conference will include both field trips and indoor presentations.

From woodlands to prairies, we will search for these colorful “harbingers of Fall” while exploring the diverse and wild areas of Adams and Scioto Counties. The Asteraceae famiy is one of the largest and includes asters, daisies, sunflowers, and goldenrods. Wildlife will be abundant and we will look for butterflies, herps, birds, especially migrating fall warblers, moths, other pollinators, and any unusual finds that come across our path. Our speakers will help us learn more about this asters and the wildlife that exists with them.

Pre-registration is required. See all the details, including how to register, at

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