Birding on the Edge of Sanity

David Russell, Ph.D., senior lecturer in biology at Miami University and co-founder of the Avian Research and Education Institute, will be our guest speaker. What started as a sociable birding competition between childhood friends, turned into a frenzied quest to the four corners of the continent in pursuit of 600 species. Join us for an evening of fun and adventure as we chase Murphy’s Petrels off the Washington coast, Barnacle Geese in Quebec, Spectacled Eiders on the North Slope of Alaska, White-crowned Pigeons in the Florida Keys, and Yellow-footed Gulls in Southern California. We’ll also discuss “new” species potentially in the pipeline – Large-billed (Savannah) Sparrows, “Sooty” Fox Sparrows, Slender-billed Nuthatches, and Palmer’s Thrashers.

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