Burnet Woods

Denis Conover will again be our leader for this field trip which will focus on winter trees and the problem of invasive plants. Denis, who also has a great interest in birds, wanted me to be clear that he would also be looking for winter and resident birds on this walk. As many of you know, Denis has over the years become our botanical go to guy and we are fortunate to have someone of his esteem so willing to share his time and knowledge on our field trips. A skilled botanist and naturalist, Denis is a professor in the department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cincinnati and has contributed to many botanical research projects since 1981.

Denis’s plan for this trip is to take a leisurely morning walk throughout this 90 acre wooded urban park that is owned and operated by the Cincinnati Park District. As we stroll along, Denis will point out the tremendous diversity of trees and other plants found in this urban gem. Unfortunately Denis will also point out the many invasive species of plants that are found in Burnet Woods and discuss how these invasives threaten the botanical makeup of our Parks and natural areas. The park has a well deserved reputation as a great migrant bird hot spot, but at this season only winter and permanent resident species will be found in the park, but we should certainly get some good looks at some interesting birds.

Participants should be prepared for a few hours of moderate walking. Most of the walk will be relatively easy but the terrain at Burnet Woods is slightly rolling with a semi-steep hillside or two. We will be walking equally on sidewalks, dirt trails and damp grass so wear appropriate footwear. It will also still be winter, so dress accordingly. Being warm and dry will make the difference between a good or bad experience. Binoculars are not necessary to see trees and plants but, if you have them, they are recommended if you want to see birds. Restrooms should be available in the park, but there are many public places available adjacent to the park. Only severe weather will cancel this trip. If you have any questions feel free to contact Denis.

Directions to Burnet Woods:
Burnet Woods is located in Clifton and is bounded on the west by Clifton Avenue, on the north by Jefferson Avenue and on the south by Martin Luther Ling Drive and the UC campus. All three streets, Clifton, Jefferson and Martin Luther King all have Park entrances and all Park roads will take you to the Trailside Nature Center. There is plenty of street side parking at the Nature Center.

Burnet Woods Website:

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