Burnet Woods

The fall migration of warblers, vireos, thrushes, grosbeaks, flycatchers and a host of other species will be close to peak on this date. Burnet Woods, which is widely known as a migrant trap during the spring songbird migration, has a similar effect in the fall. A large number and wide diversity of songbirds and other species pass through this beautiful Cincinnati Park each September on their southbound migration. Mature woodlands with extensive canopy, scattered groves and shrubby edges make up the habitats in this lovely 90 acre Park which is surrounded by a “sea” of asphalt and concrete in one of the densest urban areas in Cincinnati. The Park provides an “island” of green space that provides important food, shelter and relative safety to migrant birds which allows them to “refuel”, so to speak, before they begin the next leg of their trip to Central and South America.

Ann Oliver, our trip leader, is a skilled, experienced and enthusiastic birder and will help us find and identify the diversity of species we expect to see. Ann, a long time advocate of conservation, has served many terms on local birding and conservation groups including our Audubon Society, the Cincinnati Bird Club and The Ohio Ornithology Society to name a few. Ann has also been prominent in the current effort to keep Burnet Woods as it is and has spearheaded our opposition to Cincinnati Park Board plans to develop parts of Burnet Woods. Please read the Burnet Woods article in the latest issue of our newsletter, The Chat.

Ann plans to walk around the Park grounds and trails as we look migrant songbirds and any other aspects of nature we come across. This trip will be a walking trip, however the trails and roadsides at Burnet Woods are relatively flat, except for a few spots that have a modest gradient, and the pace will be at a leisurely birding pace. Please feel free to call or email Ann if you have any questions.

Burnet Woods is located in Clifton and is bounded on the west by Clifton Avenue, on the north by Jefferson Avenue and on the south by Martin Luther Ling Drive and the UC campus. All three streets, Clifton, Jefferson and Martin Luther King all have Park entrances and all Park roads will take you to the Trailside Nature Center. There is plenty of streetside parking at the Nature Center.

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