Cincinnati Bird Club November Meeting

Jay Lehman has been an active member of the Ohio birding community for years. His ability and enthusiasm to share his knowledge about birding has been recognized throughout the Ohio birding community. He retired from P&G after a 35 year career as a chemist. Recent birding activities include completing a big year in 2013 with a final species count of 814 and has currently seen approximately 837 species in the ABA continental area and a trip to the Brooks range in Alaska in 2016, targeting a gray-headed chickadee. Most recently, he has worked with the Ohio Bird Records Committee (OBRC).

This evening, Jay will discuss the goals, responsibilities, and general mission of the OBRC, some history, people you may know have been involved in the OBRC, what resources to birders are provided and new additions. Jay will explain what birds are considered rare/review species in Ohio and the specific criteria that is used to define this group and how these birds are reported. In addition, his talk will include recent activities and birds that have been approved with photos. His talk will conclude with future activities that have started or are planned within the OBRC.

Meet at Sharon Centre, in Sharon Woods, located at 11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville Ohio. Take I-275 to the Sharonville exit and go south about 3/4 mile to the entrance of Sharon Woods, then follow the signs to the visitor center. Holiday In Lights is beginning on November 15, at the same time as our meeting. When you arrive at the park, simply tell park staff you’re there for the Bird Club meeting, not the $40 wine and cheese event. But if you want to attend the wine and cheese event, hey, we aren’t stopping you! We’re just trying to keep you informed.

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