Cincinnati Wild Ones Meeting

Trees are the tallest, largest, longest-lived and oldest organisms on the planet. Until recently, large, old trees were thought to be senescent senior citizens. We now know that old trees grow fast, control their ecosystems, and are probably immortal..This month we will discuss the virtues and importance of large, old trees, especially in the current climate crisis. We will also have plenty of time to have a dialog about trees from your perspective. See you Saturday!

Dr. Tom Kimmerer is a forest scientist, tree physiologist, and plant biochemist (PhD Wisconsin-Madison 1982). He is the author and photographer of Venerable Trees – History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass, and is working on a second book about the long relationship between people and trees. He is beginning the second fifty years of his career devoted to understanding and caring for forest trees.

The meeting will be at the Civic Garden Center, located at 2715 Reading Road, Cincinati.


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