East Fork State Park

Come out and join our trip leader Bill Stanley for what should be a pleasant morning afield. Bill is an expert birder and knows East Fork as well as anyone, as he lives nearby and has birded East Fork for many years. The date of this trip is a bit early for the big push of southbound migrants that is expected in September. Nontheless, quite a few species begin their fall migration in August; shorebirds and swallows being a couple of examples. With its varied habitats and large 2,160 acre Harsha Lake, this 4,870 acre Ohio State Park is an excellent location to find a wide diversity of birds and other wildlife at any season.

Bill’s plan is to look for birds at several different spots around the park, but at some point he will surely spend some time along the beach to see if any shorebirds and various other waterbirds are present. Many species of water related birds are attracted to 2,160 acre Harsha Lake and there is always a chance for a rarity, as East Fork has an excellent reputation
in that regard, particularly in the fall. In fact some of the days target species will be shorebirds and terns which are attracted to the shoreline of the south beach and are regularly found there. Aside from the breeding songbirds found in the Park, a few early migrants might also be found. Ospreys and Bald Eagles can be expected as well.

While Bill will probably move us around the park, driving from one spot to another, you can expect quite a bit of walking in between. On the other hand the walking will be moderate and at a leisurely birders pace over mostly level trails and roadsides. The trip will end sometime around noon. Restrooms are available in the park. There are no Park fees. If you expect to see birds, you will need binoculars. Other items that may make your walk more enjoyable include a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water and comfortable walking shoes. If you have any questions feel free to contact Bill.

Directions: We will meet at 8:00 AM at the East Fork Park and Ohio Watercraft Headquarters parking lot, located along the main Park road, about .5 mile from the Parks Old SR 125 entrance. To get to the south side entrance of East Fork SP from I-275 take exit # 65, SR 125 (Beechmont Ave./Ohio Pike) and go east about 9 miles to the junction of Rt. 222. Turn left onto Bantam Rd. (opposite Rt. 222) and follow the signs to the park entrance.

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