February Bird Club Meeting

Sick of the cold weather and ready for spring? Ready for warblers and neotropical migrants to return? Join the Cincinnati bird club for our February meeting where we will forget it’s 25 degrees outside and have a spring migration trivia night. The style will be a multi-media Jeopardy format similar to past programs though the topics inspire warmer thoughts than CBCs. Everyone present will be provided with an answer card and can play along through two rounds and a final Jeopardy. There will be refreshments too! To make the program even more inter-active we are asking for members to submit topic suggestions ahead of time. To submit a topic (with some question ideas) e-mail Brian Wulker (bdwulker@gmail.com) with the subject of “Trivia Night.” Like Jeopardy, questions range from “easy” $100 questions (most members should get correct) to difficult $500 questions that are very challenging. Questions could pertain to spring migration, expected species and timing, identification, naming, bird counting and others.

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