Fernald Preserve

Late migrant passerines, late shorebirds, early waterfowl, raptors and early winter visitors are all possible on this trip to the Fernald Preserve. The focus of this trip however will be on sparrows. While most neotropical migrants move through during September, the month of October sees the bulk of the sparrow passage. Nelson’s Sparrow, which is an otherwise rare migrant through our area, has become an almost annual migrant in our area. It has been seen here somewhat regularly during the month of October there’s a good chance of finding one or two on this trip.

Lincoln’s Sparrow is also expected at this time of the year and many of the winter sparrows should be in by then. Familiar winter visitors such as White-throated, White-crowned, and Swamp Sparrows should be back by this date as well. LeConte’s Sparrow is a long shot, but it’s the right habitat and right time of the year. We can expect some surprises and a mixed bag on this
trip.The trip will consist of light to moderate walking on mowed or gravel trails so wear appropriate foot-wear. This trip should end around noon.

Restrooms will be available at the Fernald visitor center. We will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Fernald Visitor Center parking lot. For those who haven’t visited Fernald before, this is an
excellent opportunity to learn about the site, it’s habitats, birds, and current ecological work. Brian Wulker, an environmental scientist who works at Fernald Preserve.

The entrance to Fernald Preserve is located at 7400 Willey Road. Hamilton, Ohio 45013.

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