Fungi of Bender Mountain Preserve

What else is growing in the Western Wildlife Corridor preserves besides flowers? Listen to and see an excellent slide presentation given by Tom Malone and Flower White on the beautiful and attractive fungi they have found in the Bender Preserve since September of 2015. They will spend time explaining how to identify fungi and how to photograph them. You don’t want to miss this presentation!

Directions to Kirby Nature Preserve:
To get there from north and east of Addyston go west on Cleves Warsaw into Addyston, where the name changes to Main Street. Continue past South Road – there is a storage building on the corner on the right, then a stone wall with an opening for a driveway flanked by large stone pillars. Turn in the driveway – this is it!

If you are coming from the west or are close to Route 50, take 50 into Addyston and turn onto Dinning Lane, the small connector street opposite Ineos. Go right on Main, go past First and Second Streets and continue up the hill then down the next slope. You will see the stone walls and opening with the large pillars on your left (this is it again). If you get to South Road, you just passed it.

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