Hamilton County Butterfly Count

Butterfly counts are organized a lot like Christmas bird counts – people divide into groups, and count the butterflies they see in a 15-mile diameter circle. The Hamilton County count is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th, meeting at the Miami Whitewater Forest visitor center around 9 a.m. so we can divide into counting parties and hit the fields around 9:30 or so. Our leader, Bob Nuhn, will be at the center around 8:30 a.m. with some butterfly displays as usual. If anyone knows of someone who might be interested in participating, they are welcome even if they do not know many butterflies. Our count has always been a learning count, open to “newbies” and the Park District picks up NABA’s $3.00 tab! All you need to bring is a hat, clothing for brush and fields, sunscreen, water, and binoculars/camera if you like! Also, you need not be present for the entire count day. If you can only spend a morning or afternoon, fine. You can contact Bob on his cell phone (513-479-8941) when you arrive so he can advise you where groups are counting. Because Monarchs have been a species of concern these past couple of years, we will be especially watchful for them and their larvae. We hope to see you on the 9th! Don’t worry about getting bored; if it starts slow, we can always do birding or botanizing!

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