Hamilton County Butterfly Count

ASO will participate in the Hamilton County Butterfly Count on Sunday, July 12. A butterfly count is similar to a Christmas bird count, with a couple of important exceptions. First, it’s held in July, not at Christmas. Second, we count butterflies, not birds. Otherwise, the idea is quite similar. We will divide into groups and spread out over a 15-mile diameter circle to census all the butterflies that we can find. People with all levels of experience can participate as you can join a group which will be led by experts.

We will meet at the Miami Whitewater visitor center on Sunday, July 12, at 8:30 AM. There will be mounted butterflies to examine while we set up groups which will depart for the field by 9:30 AM. You are welcome to spend the entire day or leave whenever you like. There is no charge but a Park District auto sticker is required ($3 daily or $10 annual).

Butterfly counts are sponsored by the North American Butterfly Association, whose website is here. Our local compiler is Bob Nuhn who can be reached at bobnuhn421@gmail.com, at his home phone, 513-742-3705, prior to the day of the count or on his cell phone, 513-479- 8941, on the day of the count.

To reach the Miami-Whitewater visitor center, take I-74 west to the Dry Ford Road exit, and turn right. Turn right again onto West Road, at the four-way stop. Just past the bridge, turn left into the park and follow the signs to the visitor center.

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