January Oxbow Program

Dr. Mark Fischer, Professor of Physics at Mount St. Joseph University

Paraphrasing Douglas Adams from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Space is big. Really big. It is vastly hugely mindbogglingly big.”

A discussion of the sizes of things in space; the simultaneous vastness and emptiness. Because of the extreme distances, there are, of course also brain-bending time scales as well. And, because it turns out that space and time are intrinsically interconnected, we’ll finish with a quick introduction to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and some of its perplexing but experimentally verified(!) implications.

To get to the Oxbow, Inc. Office take Highway US 50 south from the #16 exit of I-275. Pass the Hollywood Casino exit and turn left at the second stop light onto Walnut St. 301 Walnut is on the right side at the second stop light where Walnut changes from two way to one way. Free parking is available on Walnut St., Center St., and in the parking lot behind the building.) Note: If there is any questions about whether or not a program is cancelled due to weather, a notice will be posted on our home page. You may also call Kani Meyer at 513-307-5284.



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