June Oxbow Meeting

Oxbow board member, Kani Meyer and her husband Dave, emeritus professor of Geology at UC, will present a talk on Cuba based on Kani’s trip in 2003 and Dave’s dive trip there in June of last year. In many ways Cuba seems caught in the late 50s, with wonderfully kept cars and elegant but crumbling buildings but the people are very warm and welcoming. In 2003 most of our time was spent in Havana with a short excursion east to a small village. Dave spent most of his time in the Jardines de la Reina off the southern coast of Cuba. This area has been long protected from fishing and has regulated diving activities so that the reefs are some of the best in the Caribbean.

To get to the Oxbow, Inc. Office take Highway US 50 south from the #16 exit of I-275. Pass the Hollywood Casino exit and turn left at the second stop light onto Walnut St. 301 Walnut is on the right side at the second stop light where Walnut changes from two way to one way. Free parking is available on Walnut St., Center St., and in the parking lot behind the building.) Note: If there is any questions about whether or not a program is cancelled due to weather, a notice will be posted on our home page. You may also call Kani Meyer at 513-307-5284.

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