March Audubon Program

Be prepared to enjoy Rick’s unique approach about the subject of beekeeping. Using his humor, experience and photos on this serious topic he hopes to spread a positive “buzz” on sensitive subjects like the time for spraying and the use of insecticides, or not! With a dozen years of beekeeping experience under his belt, Rick has been stung only twice by bees in his lifetime! Once a yellow jacket and once a honey bee, but, never by one of “his girls”. Why or why not? What to do? Find out by attending this presentation. See why he suggests that they are the most misunderstood sweet little ladies of our natural world!

Many of you are familiar with Rick Lisi as a past president of the Audubon Society of Ohio or as a wandering VIP photographer for the Hamilton County Parks. He is not a commercial producer of bees or honey. He is a retired teacher and lives in a log home that he built. There he lives with his wife Carolyn. They have a thirteen acre wildlife sanctuary located in Loveland. Rick keeps bees as a hobby and part of his environmental pursuits. Rick’s talk will cover many aspects of beekeeping. He calls upon his extensive travel experiences and the use of his photography of bees. Of course there are those photos “gleaned” from the Web to help make a point and shed understanding. In this jam-packed hour and a half presentation there will be hands on display stations but, sorry, no bees; however, you will learn the proper how-andwhys of the “waggle dance” should the spirit move you to get up.

Rick’s talk will include setting up an apiary, the necessary equipment, seasonal needs, feeding and complications. He will present losses due to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) as well as the other major common diseases infecting bees health; i.e., AFB, EFB, SHB, and those nasty Varroa mites. Rick will also stress the importance of protecting all other pollinators, of which there are many, that face environmental assaults from various sources. Rick’s selection of slides include honey history and will help to answer your basic questions on this sweet subject of attracting bees as well as butterflies. Students will benefit by learning about this hobby.

Like the sauce “Ragu” it is all in there… but without the stinger! Rick has never been accused of being short-winded, so prepare to be exhausted and overwhelmed by his conclusions. He will keep you attentive throughout this informative presentation.

Veteran beekeepers may be present and are encouraged to help answer any of your questions along with Rick following the program. This is a great program for beginners and novice beekeepers alike. What is good for the bees is good for the birds and vice versa. Audubon members and friends of nature do come and enjoy this “buzz on bees” program by Rick Lisi.


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