March Oxbow Program

Dr. Michael Miller, Professor of Biology, University of Cincinnati, generally studies fresh water lakes, streams, groundwater and plant and animal inhabitants, but this time he will tell us about a fascinating study about rats! Rattus norvegicus Norway rat: its ecology, behavior, and physiology, make it a global threat to human health and urban and rural food storage and safety. Dr. Miller will describe how rats act as a vector of disease, carrying such pathogens as Yersinia, Toxoplasma, Listeria, Cryptosporidium, Coxiella, and Hantavirus, among others! What is especially interesting is his UC lab’s five-year study of Norway rat behavior, food preferences, and surprising intelligence, in colonies within and under Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine area. The study involved videos, walks in sewers, trapping rats, controlling food supply and more. Dr. Miller’s talk will open our minds to a truly successful species, one we don’t care to think about!

To get to the Oxbow, Inc. Office take Highway US 50 south from the #16 exit of I-275. Pass the Hollywood Casino exit and turn left at the second stop light onto Walnut St. 301 Walnut is on the right side at the second stop light where Walnut changes from two way to one way. Free parking is available on Walnut St., Center St., and in the parking lot behind the building.) Note: If there is any questions about whether or not a program is cancelled due to weather, a notice will be posted on our home page. You may also call Kani Meyer at 513-307-5284.

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