May Oxbow Trip

The focus of this trip will be late spring migrants and breeding birds. While spring migration will be winding down by this date there should still be plenty of species moving through. Shorebirds should be around in decent numbers and in fact some of the least common warblers and flycatchers are notoriously late migrants. By this date our breeding birds will have arrived in force and already be under way with nesting activities.

Our trip leader Mark Gilsdorf is an experienced birder, a long time Oxbow advocate and past President of the Cincinnati Bird Club. Mark plans to begin the day in the Oxbow but will eventually work his way up to Lost Bridge and over to Shawnee Lookout. By visiting a number of different habitats Mark expects to find many birds and a diversity of species.

So why not join Mark on what should be a beautiful spring morning. You will need binoculars to see the birds and sun-screen, insect repellant, appropriate footwear and a water bottle will make your trip more comfortable. A Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($10 annual, $3 daily available at entrance) is required at Shawnee Lookout. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mark.


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