November Oxbow Walk

Some people may think of November as a cold and dreary month but I would disagree. I think late autumn is a beautiful time of the year and the subtle hues of the landscape interspersed with brilliant fall colors offer up a stark beauty. It will be against this backdrop that our trip leader, Katie Grigsby, will lead this morning visit to the Oxbow. Katie is a skilled birder and she will surely find a diverse number of seasonal birds.

When birders and naturalists think of the Oxbow during November the first thing that usually comes to mind is waterfowl. The peak of fall waterfowl migration occurs in our region during November and the Oxbow offers a great refuge for them. While waterfowl (ducks and geese) will be the primary focus of this trip, Katie will not ignore the many other species that are also found in and around the Oxbow area at this time of the year. We can expect a diverse number of species on this trip as Katie plans to visit several spots in the Oxbow area including a stop at Lost Bridge over the Great Miami River.

Ducks and geese of many different species are likely to be found. Bald Eagles are expected as are other types of raptors. Gulls, Sandhill Cranes and other water birds should be around in good numbers and there is even a chance of something rare turning up. Late fall migrant and winter songbirds should also be abundant, and the weedy fields will abound with sparrows and songbirds of many species.

So why not come out and join Katie for what should be a beautiful autumnal morning visit to the Oxbow. Remember, the Oxbow can be muddy in places at this time of year and November weather can be cold & wet, so prepare accordingly.

To reach the Oxbow, take I-275 to the Lawrenceburg, Indiana exit. Turn left onto U.S. 50 at the end of the exit ramp, and proceed about a hundred yards. Turn left onto an unmarked road just past the Circle K gas station. Turn right at the “T” intersection, then left to the meeting spot at the next “T”.


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