Oxbow Walk

This popular evening field trip beats the heat of the August “dog days”. The focus of this trip will be birds, specifically early fall migrants through the Oxbow. While the calendar still shows late summer, the southbound fall migration of shorebirds (sandpipers & plovers), long-legged waders (herons & egrets) and several other species will be under way by this date. Join our trip leaders, son and father team Jack and Jay Stenger, skilled and expert birders who know the area inside and out, for a pleasant summer evening in the Oxbow area.

Shorebirds (sandpipers and plovers) need exposed mudflats and shorelines where they forage for their invertebrate food. Most years, the Oxbow area provides good to great habitat for them. The nearby Great Miami River usually has exposed sand bars at this season as well. In addition to several species of shorebirds, we expect to find numerous Great Egrets and herons including Great Blue, Green and Black-crowned Night-Herons. This is also a great time of year to find an unusual or rare species such as Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret. Purple Martins and other migrating swallows’ can “stage” in large numbers in the Oxbow at this time and terns, Osprey, Bald Eagle (year round) and other early migrants are possible. With most of our summer residents still present, we should find a good diversity throughout the evening.

Jack and Jay plan to hit several spots in and around the Oxbow including Lost Bridge over the Great Miami. The trip will end around dusk (9:00 PM?). Although this is an evening walk, It will likely be hot, so sunscreen, insect repellant and water might make your visit more comfortable. Feel free to contact Jack or Jay if you have any questions.

To reach the Oxbow, take I-275 to the Lawrenceburg, Indiana exit. Turn left onto U.S. 50 at the end of the exit ramp, and proceed about a hundred yards. Turn left onto an unmarked road just past the Shell station. Turn right at the “T” intersection, then left to the meeting spot at the next “T”.

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