Rare Plant Projects Throughout Kentucky

Tara will talk about current plant conservation projects across Kentucky that she has been involved with over the past few years either through the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves, Kentucky Native Plant Society or on botanical family adventures.

Projects discussed will include a wide array of topics ranging from the study of mountain bogs, rare orchid restoration, long term vegetation monitoring of the grasslands of the central/western region, restoring  lost ecosystems of the Cumberland plateau (seeps and barrens), riparian vegetation study of the Green River, best KY botanical finds for 2019, rare plant and community propagation/restoration, rare plant status surveys, plant citizen scientist’s projects, and more.

Bio: Tara Littlefield is the senior botanist and manager of the Plant Conservation Section at the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves. She also currently serves as the President of the Kentucky Native Plant Society and coordinator of the Kentucky Plant Conservation Alliance.  She grew up on the southern edge of the cedar creek glade complex in Hardin County, Kentucky and has had a fascination with the natural world since a small child.

Tara has a B.S. in Biogeochemistry from University of Louisville and a M.S. in Forest/Plant Ecology from the University of Kentucky.  Much of her work involves rare species surveys (state/federally listed/globally rare), general floristic inventories (vascular and nonvascular), natural areas inventory, protection of natural areas, rare plant propagation, restoration and recovery, and rare plant/community management.

She is particularly interested in plant distributions, endemism, paleoecology/botany, seed collecting, mushrooms, lichens, caterpillars, spiders, exploring natural areas, environmental education for kids, medicinal/edible plants, and the chemistry of plants. More info here   or https://kentuckybotanist.com/

Directions: Avon Woods Nature Center is a Cincinnati City Park at 4235 Paddock Road, Cincinnati 45229. Google maps knows the name Avon Woods Nature Center and their map now shows the long driveway with the Nature Center at the end.

From the Norwood Lateral (SR #562), take the Paddock Road exit and drive 9/10 mile South on Paddock Road to the Avon Woods Park driveway.

Turn sharp right and go to the lodge at the end of the long dark drive.

Please bring a snack to share with others if you can. We have short announcements before the lecture.

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