Shawnee Lookout

One of Oxbow Inc’s beloved founders, Morris Mercer, loved the winter woods at night, especially if there was snow on the ground. He and his friend John Klein started this night walk in the Shawnee Lookout woodlands that overlook the Oxbow and the Great Miami many years ago. Morris is no longer with us, but John has kept Morris’s spirit alive. This two-hour night walk around Shawnee Lookout Park is a unique opportunity to see what the night woods have to offer.

Conducted just two days before a full moon, there should be plenty of moonlight, which means there is a fair chance that owls, deer and flying squirrels will be seen or heard. John will share the history of the Oxbow and Shawnee Lookout and bring a scope for stargazing. As always, John will pass out M & M’s to celebrate Morris’s memory.

Meet at the Shawnee Lookout Golf Course Parking Lot. The park is normally closed at this time of night but the rangers will have the entrance gates and the restrooms open for us. Remember to dress warmly. John, like Morris, prefers a little snow on the ground—however severe weather will cancel this trip. If you are unsure if the trip is cancelled, call John at (513) 304-2310. Visit for Park Maps and other info.

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