Shawnee Lookout Park

Join Brian Wulker for a field trip to Shawnee Lookout Park. Meet at the boat ramp, just below the park entrance, at 8:00 a.m. The woods around the boat ramp are an excellent migrant trap, as well as a spot to find local breeders such as Prothonotary Warbler, Wood Duck, and other species. From there, the field trip will travel up the road into the park, stopping at spots along the way. In migration, the birding at Shawnee Lookout can be excellent, and good variety and numbers can be found along the road edges through the forest, as well as on the interior trails of the park. The third week of April is also a good time for many wildflowers as well as a number of butterflies and other insects. Given that this trip will cover habitat ranging from riparian to wood edge, open fields, and forest, you are bound to see an interesting variety of birds. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning, April 20!

Location note: In case the Shawnee Lookout boat ramp is an unfamiliar location to you, the street address for Shawnee Lookout is 2008 Lawrenceburg Road, North Bend, OH 45052. The boat ramp access is directly opposite the main entrance on Shawnee Lookout Park Road, which is the main road through the park. When you turn into the boat ramp access there is a parking lot immediately to your left. Water levels permitting, there is some parking access just below that, on your right.

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