Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

The focus of this field trip will be on spring wildflowers, shrubs and trees in bloom. Spring Grove Cemetery is one of Cincinnati’s most beautiful natural settings and its designation as an arboretum is well deserved. A tremendous diversity and number of plants can be found here. Anytime of the year is worth a visit to Spring Grove but the best time may be during the spring when many plants are in bloom and at their most colorful. Over the years our trip leader, Denis Conover, has become our go to guy when botany is the theme of our field trips and we are fortunate to have him share his knowledge with us. Denis is a skilled botanist and has been involved in various types of botanical research since 1981 and is a professor in the department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. Spring Grove Cemetery is also one of his favorite places and he is very familiar with its flora. Spring Grove is also a great place to find spring migrant songbirds. This date is a week or two early for the peak of spring songbird migration but there should still be plenty of early migrants around. Denis has interests in all aspects of natural history and he will be sure to point out any birds and other fauna we are certain to come across.

Denis plans to take us on a walk through a few different spots in the cemetery on which should be a pleasant spring morning and early afternoon. Along the way he will point out a wide variety of plants, many of which will be in full bloom or close to it. Spring woodland wildflowers, native and ornamental plantings, invasive species, flowering shrubs and trees in bud will all be pointed out, identified and discussed. Denis will give us tips and insight on plant identification and their natural history and the problems with invasive species.

Other than a short drive here or there to move to a different part of the grounds, participants should be prepared for a few hours of being on foot and moderate walking. Most of the walking will be relatively flat and on pavement, but there are a few low hills and there will also be some walking in damp or wet grass. We suggest wearing comfortable waterproof footwear.
Binoculars are not necessary to see flowers and trees but are recommended if you have them, especially if you want to see songbirds. Restrooms are available at the cemetery office. Only
severe weather will cancel this trip. If you have any questions feel free to contact Denis.

Directions: The Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum main entrance is located at 4521 Spring Grove Avenue just west of the Winton Road intersection. To find our meeting spot, drive in the Spring Grove Avenue main gates and go straight. You will go through a short tunnel (old RR archway). Just beyond the tunnel pull over and park alongside the road.

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