Trosset Preserve

Wild Ones will join Carol Trosset at the woods of her childhood home to learn the history of her parents wildflower rescue efforts Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 am-noonish. Detailed records kept by her mother about this one-acre property beginning in the 1950’s can tell us much about what difference a wooded acre can make to wildlife in the city. These records also indicate the changing bloom times of our native species over the years due to climate change. Select native wildflowers are currently being moved to Gorman Heritage Farms for further preservation and public enjoyment. Restoring and maintaining woods makes sense in SW Ohio which was covered in forest at one time. This is an inspiring story!

Many of the Wildflowers from the family home have been moved to Gorman Farms to the designated fenced-in area named the Trosset Wildflower Sanctuary so that the public can continue to enjoy the large variety of spring ephemerals each year. We will visit this area, and also have the opportunity to walk in a mature woods at the farm, or to carpool to visit the property.

We will meet at the Visitor Center across from the parking lot at Gorman Heritage Farms. Gorman Heritage Farms, Visitor Center,, 10052 Reading Rd., Evendale, OH 513.563.6663. If you get lost, call or text Kathy at 513-748-0281.

A map and directions can be found on the Cincinnati Wild Ones website here:

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