Cincinnati Bird Club

The Cincinnati Bird Club is devoted to the active pursuit of the pastime/hobby/sport – call it what you will – of birding. If you’re a birder, you know what it is. If you’re not, just look around here a bit, and then join us in some of the activities that the Bird Club or other organizations offer. Be careful, though. You just might get hooked, like the rest of us did, and find yourself spending entirely too much time on birds.

Except during the summer, the Cincinnati Bird Club offers monthly meetings and numerous field trips. Dues are $15.00 per year (summer to summer) for individuals, $5.00 for students, or $20.00 per year for families. Send your dues to: Lois Shadix, 2928 Saddleback Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45244. Sorry, there’s no online registration available.