The Miami Group Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club

Here is a brief history of the Miami Group Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club. This remaind an active chapter today, featuring a variety of programs, field trips, conservation efforts, political action, and various other activities!  The organizational meeting of the Executive Committee of the Southwest group met Monday, Jan. 25, 1971 to elect officers and plan strategy. From Southwest Ohio Group Organizes, Newsletter Ohio Chapter, Sierra Club, April-March 1971.

The first Outing of the Southwest Group was on March 6 with the Rock Climbing School. On Saturday and Sunday March 6-7, a Nature Conservancy Work Session was held in the Lynx Prairie area in Southern Ohio.

Early Activities

The first Southwest Ohio Newsletter published in May 1971.

As the newly formed Southwest Group, the weekend of May 1-2, 1971 saw the following activities:

Backpacking Trip on the Mischa-Moqua Trail at Cumberland Gap, KY.
A Wild Flower Walk in Fort Hill, Ohio.
Canoeing on the East Fork for the Little Miami
Rock Climbing
Canoeing on the Olentangy River
The Miami Group Charter

“The Miami Group Charter is written, but still under discussion as to how the boundaries are to be defined. This is expected to be resolved by the end of April,” From “Updates” page 3, Southwest Ohio Sierra Club Miami Happenings March-April 1973

A Constitution was to be submitted to Sierra Club National by March 31, 1973 From Exe Com Report for March, 1973.

The Constitution was re-submitted in April 1973 redefining the Zip Codes to be included. From Exe Com Report for April, 1973.

“A letter from National Sierra Club Office was received recognizing the Miami Group’s official existence.” From Exe Com Report for August 20, 1973.

Copies of the Constitution were made for Exe Com Members at the Sept 24, 1973 Exe Com Meeting. From Exe Com Report Sept 24, 1973.

During early 1973 a new group in the Dayton-Springfield area was starting up.

By the September/October, 1975 issue of the Miami Happenings, the group’s name was “Miami Group, Ohio Chapter, Sierra Club,