Otto Armleder Memorial Park & Recreation Complex

This park of 305 acres includes reservable soccer fields, river outlook and canoe access to the Little Miami River, a dog park and a new one mile paved bike trail that connects the park’s existing 1.9 mile trail to the five mile Lunken Airfield loop playground. Armleder Park is a joint venture between the Cincinnati Park Board, Cincinnati Recreation Commission and the Hamilton County Park District.

To get there from I-71 N or S, take Red Bank Road (exit 9) onto Red Bank Expressway toward Fairfax. Continue onto Red Bank Road, right onto Wooster Pike. Armleder Park is approximately 1.4 miles on the left at the traffic light.

Once in the park follow the signs to the canoe launch, park, take the trail turning right at the river, stopping at Duck Creek. Prothonotary Warblers breed here Be alert for American Woodcock and Wilson’s Snipe. Or park at the building, walk the paved circular path watching for Northern Harriers, Dickcissels, Blue Grosbeaks, Tree Swallows, Northern Rough-winged Swallows, Orchard Orioles, American Chats and American Tree Sparrows. Or, from the building, walk straight to the river. Turning left, walk several hundred yards to the “Bean Field” actually a wide spot when the river is low and scan for ducks, herons and shorebirds. The bike path toward Lunken Airport contains a good mix of weedy fields and wooded lots. Terrain is very level.

This park is prone to flooding; the Park Board is quick to close it. Ault Park and Lunken Airport are nearby.