Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite


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      You're still on the Audubon Society of Ohio web site, even though this page looks quite different. If it looks a lot like the old web site, that's intentional. I operated that web site from December 1996 until the content was transferred here in August 2015. What you will find in this section of the site are all the old birding records which were on the Cincinnatibirds site.

      There are two sections of this archive - the sightings that were reported through the Sightings Log, and a database of many more sightings that came not only from the Sightings Log, but also from several other sources. There's a more complete explanation of what that's all about on those pages.

-- Ned Keller

If you have comments or questions about the archive, please email Ned Keller, at