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      I've kept records of my bird sightings on my computer for quite a few years. I also kept records of most of the birds reported on the Cincinnati Rare Bird Alert tape from its inception in 1989, until it was discontinued. The last years of the tape overlapped the increased use of the internet. The sightings reported on the sightings log here, and on the ohio-birds list, are also in the database. When David Styer and I worked on the checklist for the Cincinnati Nature Center, we added many of his records, along with records from other local birders. Finally, I've included miscellaneous records from the Dayton and other nearby tapes, as well as records from the Ohio Cardinal, the Kentucky Warbler, the Indiana Audubon Quarterly, and whatever else caught my attention. These are the records which I used to prepare the Cincinnati bird list found on the Audubon Society of Ohio web site.

      The database contains 269,652 records, and is NOT up to date, since I quit adding records to the database in 2008. For the time period covered by the database, it is pretty complete for the counties which surround Hamilton County, and much less so for the other counties which make up the Birdathon Area (roughly, 50 miles from where Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana meet).

      There are most certainly errors in the data. Some of them are the result of my transcription errors. If (when) you spot such an error, please drop me a note so that I can correct it. Other errors, however, are the result of mistaken identifications by the reporters. When Jay Stenger compiled the Cincinnati tape, he screened out the obvious wrong reports. For example, you will not find a record of the flock of puffins that frequented a local feeder. But there is no formal review process for records submitted to and included in the taped reports, so less obvious errors have undoubtedly slipped through. The bottom line is, if a record seems unbelievable, then don't believe it.

      I would like to thank Steve Pelikan, Hank Armstrong and Neill Cade for sending me many years of data which they have amassed, which are included in the database.

      This database resided on the web site for many years, and has now been transferred over to the Audubon Society of Ohio site. It will become increaingly outdated as time passes, but perhaps it will be useful to someone.

      You can extract lists of sightings for by species, by location, or both. The report shows columns for the date (sorted by month, day, and then year), the number seen (a + indicates that numbers were not recorded), the location, and the names of the birders.

-- Ned Keller

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