White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow


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Database Selection

You can limit your selection by species, by location, or by both. If you try to list all species at all locations you would generate a ridiculous number of hits, so you will just get an error message. Other requests may generate enough hits to choke your web browser. For example, there are well over 15,000 Oxbow sightings recorded. You may choose to set a maximum number of sightings to receive at a time.

You may also choose to sort the records by year, then by month, then by day; or by month, then by day, then by year. The former will give a chronological list of sightings, but the latter may be more useful if you want to see when a species may be expected.

Sort by Month/Day/Year
Sort by Year/Month/Day
You can choose to sort either by year, then by month and day; or by month and day first, and then by year.
Sort Earliest to Latest
Sort Latest to Earlist
You can choose to sort either from the earliest date to the latest date, or from the latest date to the earliest date.
Maximum Records Enter the number of records to retrieve at one time. If left blank, the default number is 500.
Show Zeros Show records with a zero in the month or day column.
Limit Dates

Start Month
End Month
Start Year
End Year

You can choose to limit the months and/or years for which records will be displayed. For example, if you are interested in when a species may be found in fall migration, you could set Start Month to 7, to ignore records from the first half of the year.

If Limit Dates is not checked, the rest of these values will be ignored.


If you have comments or questions about the Cincinnatibirds.com archive, please email Ned Keller, at nedkeller49@gmail.com