Audubon Grove

The Audubon Society of Ohio has established a grove of trees in conjunction with the Legacy Tree project of the Hamilton County Park District to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to conservation and nature education efforts in our region. The Audubon Grove is planted with native trees which provide food and cover for birds, such as: dogwood, serviceberry, oak, holly, beech, and red cedar. Currently, 12 trees have been planted in the High Plains section of Miami Whitewater Forest, with plenty of room for future additions. The initial impetus for this Grove was to honor Ron Austing, former Hamilton County Parks Naturalist, bird photographer extraordinaire and longtime presenter at Audubon meetings.

Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis. Photo, K. McDonald

Contributions of trees to honor Ron have been received from ASO, RAPTOR Inc. and Oxbow Inc. The Audubon Grove has already expanded its honorees, with trees being planted for the late Charley Harper, unique bird and nature illustrator and the late Karl Maslowski, well known Cincinnati photographer and nature columnist. Karl Maslowski and his sons, Steve and Dave, have been supporters and presenters at ASO meetings over many years. Steve and his brother Dave are active nature photographers and contribute photos for ASO’s pictorial calendar.

The Audubon Society of Ohio invites its members to plant trees in the Audubon Grove to honor or memorialize anyone who has contributed to the support of nature and conservation. A single tree with a plaque contribution is $800. More information can be obtained from the Hamilton County Parks Legacy Program. For more information about how to contribute a tree to the Audubon Grove, contact