Spring Grove Cemetery

This cemetery welcomes birders. It has walking trails, teaching events and lots of birds. It is a nonprofit garden cemetery and arboretum of 733 acres. Take I-75 to Mitchell Ave, turn right; at Spring Grove turn left. It is the second largest cemetery in the United States and is recognized as a U.S. National Historic Landmark. There is a restroom in the office and the terrain is quite hilly. This area is very safe and serene. Also you can drive and park your car everywhere and never walk a great distance. Note that the white lane line leads to the exit; green and yellow lines lead to the white line.

There are a few ponds and small lakes in Sections 61 and 113. In January and February a Merlin is sometimes resident. Wood Ducks are usually present. You will also find in season Mallards, Great Blue and Green Herons, many species of flycatchers, thrushes, vireos, warblers, sparrows and blackbirds. Notable birds are sometimes IDed to a particular Section.  Cooper’s Hawks and Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks are common. Flickers, sapsuckers, Downy, Hairy and Pileated Woodpeckers are abundant.   Also to be seen are Brown Creepers and kinglets. In spring and autumn the warblers, vireos and flycatchers seem to be everywhere.  Harris’s Sparrows have been seen here several years ago. (with White-throated Sparrows at the lot with the monument of Wm H Taft. How’s that for being specific?)

If the weather is cold and the snow is deep go to Spring Grove. In general the roads will be cleared and you can park anywhere. Bird for a few minutes and go back to your car, warm up, and go to the next section.

Nearby are Mt Airy Forest and Mt Storm Park.



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