Shawnee Lookout

Shawnee Lookout Park is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Great Miami Rivers. It includes bottomland forest along the Great Miami, and the ridge that overlooks both rivers.

Following the park road from the entrance, the power line cuts just before the golf course feature early succession birds such as Yellow-breasted Chat and Blue-winged Warbler. The same species can be seen near the entrances to Little Turtle Trail and Bluejacket Trail. Tomahawk Knob features Yellow-throated Warbler and Northern Parula, and a view of the smokestacks at Miami Fort power station, where a Peregrine Falcon nest is located. From the end of the road, Miami Fort Trail leads to the old “fort,” constructed by Paleo Indian cultures. American Redstarts nest along the trail, and the open area just inside the fort is the best local spot for Cerulean Warbler. The canoe launch access, located across Lawrenceburg Road from the entrance, is a good spot for Prothonotary Warbler. The lower parking lot can be very good for migrant warblers, and migrant and winter sparrows.

Nearby birding spots include Lost Bridge and the Oxbow.

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